We are able to assist our clients (both employers and employees) in all aspects of Employment Law and Practice. Including:
  • 1.Dealing with dismissals
  • 2. Health and safety issues
  • 3.Disciplinary procedures
  • 4.Representing our client's in CCMA matters as well as before the respective bargaining councils
  • 5.Labour Court matters.
  • 6.Assisting in reducing the risk of industrial action and litigation following retrenchment andensuring that all the necessary procedures are complied with.
  • 7.Assisting the client in drawing up contracts of employment and disciplinary grievanceprocedures to suit our clients' particular business.
Often what would otherwise be a justifiable dismissal is overturned because employers have failed to follow the correct procedures. We can provide advice including but not limited to assisting in drawing up notices of enquiry and advising on all the steps that should be followed in the disciplinary enquiry, chairing the disciplinary enquiry or providing representation where applicable.